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11. Alkaline water helps fight high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes.  

12. Alkaline water is believed to improve metabolism, increases energy, slow aging improve digestion and reduce bone loss. 


13. Alkaline water reduces the Signs of aging by acting as an antioxidant, moisturizing the skin, and neutralizing free radicals.


14. Alkaline water lends itself to increased hydration, skin health and Detoxification. 

15. Alkaline water promotes digestive health. Some proponents of alkaline water have been conducive to digestive health and colon cleansing.


16. Alkaline water offers Immune System Support. This places the body in a better position to fight off pathogens and infections.


17. Alkaline water improves Oxygenation. A study of 100 people showed that oxygen was delivered better throughout the body in a group of people consuming alkaline versus a group who had not.


18. Studies have shown that Alkaline water assists with recovery from hangovers and migraines. 


19. Alkaline water fights Acid Reflux. Alkaline water seems to deactivate pepsin, which is stomach acid. Blocking pepsin is similar to what an antacid would do.


20. Alkaline water strengthens bones. Because alkaline water sometimes has minerals like calcium and magnesium in it, it can help strengthen and support bones. Many long-lived cultures have water sources that are rich in minerals. Drinking mineral-rich water over a lifetime supports long-term health and well-being. 


21. Alkaline water promotes muscle health. Alkaline water improves muscle health because of its minerals. Alkaline water can help relax muscles and ease tense, cramped muscles. Drinking mineral-rich water helps the entire body function better.